The bloom of life
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The bloom of life 

What is the meaning of altruism? How can we get happiness from our life? 

These questions seem to be elusive to common minds, but I believe that these questions should not only be pondered upon by philosophers, politicians, or writers. Instead, every one of us should give a moment to dwell on them if we want to have a meaningful life. 

Before delving into the ultimate question on happiness of life, I want to talk about what is happening in our country these days. Since the mid of January of 2020, news began to circulate in the internet and social networks that an outbreak of a novel coronavirus, supposedly originated from Wuhan, was ravaging our country. Hundreds of people surrendered to the horrendous disease, even including health care workers and other professionals. It is said that the ruthless virus came from a certain breed of bats, who passed on to humans. Continual reports were followed and released to the public. Sadly some misguiding, exaggerating and ill-intentioned articles also went viral online at the same time. Public panic would have gone out of control if there had not been timely clarifications from health professionals. 

Dark side of human nature was completely exposed during a devastating crisis like this. Some people would rather risk spreading the virus to others than being honest and reporting to the local government about their true condition for fear of being locked up. Others are simply too ignorant to believe they might be one of the virus carriers. They ignore the suggestions of staying indoors from the government and wander among the public as usual. Still others chose to put their self-interests on top of the priority, ignoring other's safety and well being. 

Luckily, there are still many people who risk their lives to save the lives of others, who chose to leave behind their own families and work on the frontier of the battle. Those who take the risk for the sake of their country should be remembered by history. 

Note, this article is not to criticize. What I am trying to convey is that each of us should not pursue worldly pleasures at the cost of other innocent people. Our life only blooms while we value other people's life like ours. That is the meaning of life. That's the right way to embrace our life. 

A great Soviet educator Sukhorimsky once said that for people, the greatest joy and happiness is the dedication of their spiritual strength to others. Those in our province, who went to Wuhan for voluntary work, showed such a dedicated heart by giving their hands to those in need. That's the true answer to the questions of the meaning of altruism and how to get happiness from our life.